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             Shandong province is the first comprehensive environmental protection service provider

               The first in Shandong province environmental protection system service management of enterprises

              Shandong Luson environmental protection science and Technology Group Company Limited(referred to as Lu Sen group) is located in Shandong city of Ji'nan Province, the group under the jurisdiction of Lu Sen electronics, Zhongjiang building, Huajiang enterprise management several holding companies, business coverage, sewage treatment, air treatment, new energy,environmental protection equipment manufacturing and other fields, is a technology development,engineering contractor, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, construction and installation, technical advice and services, project management and import and export of international trade in one of the high-tech environmental protection enterprises. The group registered capital of 61110000 yuan, is one of the national key environmental protection enterprises, Shandong province is the first comprehensive environmental protection serviceprovider. In the positive policies to promote the development of circular economy, the environment,the company actively change ideas, timely adjustment of industrial structure, continuously expand new areas of environmental protection industry, take the lead in the new service model in the industry, relying on strong technical advantage and resource advantage, pushing out "a full set ofenvironmental protection project maintenance service", with unique business model to create a comprehensive environmental protection service platform.

              With the continuous development of social economy, environmental protection play an extremely important role. The development of the enterprise to imp, rove efficiency, increase energy-saving emission reduction and recycling as the goal, the group companies actively promote resourcepurification and sustainable reuse, in water treatment, air purification, air control, project management has a wealth of experience, and through the digestion and absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, developed a series for the China national environmental protection equipment, the first in the same industry was carried out in the whole process ofcustomers for advice from the program, engineering design, equipment manufacture to installation and commissioning, and operation service project service concept.

               To continuously improve the quality of service and expand the service areas, the group companyactively carry out foreign technology cooperation and exchanges, the establishment of strategic cooperative partnership with well-known enterprises in the same industry, the depth of cooperationdevoted to atmospheric governance project, and has hired famous universities Tongji University,Shandong University and other environmental Institute experts and professors as technicalconsultants, provide advanced technical support with the development of the strong power for the group company.

               Group always adhere to the "responsibility to create value, science and technology serviceenvironment" of the enterprise purpose, innovation of technology and increasing R & D efforts, to achieve the modernization of science and technology transformation of energy, efficient use ofresources to enhance the sustainable development of circular economy, and create value. We willunremittingly for the purification of human living environment, improve people's quality of life and efforts to develop, to provide more excellent products and service and dedication to customers from all walks of life.

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        W ַwww.qdhuojia.com.cn


         Shandong Luson environmental protection science and Technology Group Co Ltd

        The service telephone: 400-660-7910

        Fax: 0531-85861925

        Office address: No. 8 Zidong Avenue, Tianqiao District, Jinan City

        Postal Code: 250031

        Network access: www.qdhuojia.com.cn

        Mail box: zhongguolusen@163.com




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